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Why work with me?


For the last 16 years  I have been building a signature process with people just like you to create a sustainable solution that ACTUALLY works.

“But… let’s be clear. This is NOT for someone who just wants a magic pill or another ebook you won’t use. This is NOT another basic program without guidance on what to do, that won’t get results. This is a CUSTOMIZED program built SPECIFICALLY for you, to fit in YOUR busy life, and create the transformation you want, need AND deserve. Finally.


Frequently Asked Questions

What style of Pilates does Sharon teach? 
The Classical Pilates Method is a system of movement that stimulates deep circulation and promotes a heightened sense of body awareness and more precise levels of coordination. This, in turn, helps people of all ages, body types, and levels of fitness heal from existing injuries, prevent future injuries, and reduce, or potentially alleviate, chronic pain. With a focus on the mind/body connection, Pilates will improve your stamina, strength, and flexibility, and consequently the efficacy of everything you do!
Who is this membership for?
If you’re looking for a quick fix or to “feel the burn,” this type of online Pilates is not what you need. This membership is for people who are passionate about their health and committed to improving it through movement!
Online classes don't work for me. I am not disciplined enough!
Ok, I know, I get it. If I was, to be honest, I had a really tough time getting on my mat at home too! But once I started I realized the convenience of working out at home, sometimes for only 20 mins. It is about small consistent habits every day. Come join us! 
I am not flexible enough to do Pilates
Ok, that's like saying you are too dirty to take a shower. You practice Pilates TO BECOME flexible. You will feel better, move better and sleep better after 10 sessions. The work is in the small detail of the work! 
What if I don't like it?
I understand Pilates isn't for everyone. But please allow me to show you the benefits, the deep work, and amazing advantages this movement can provide. I am confident if you stick around for at least 3 months you will be hooked.Nevertheless, if you feel like Pilates isn't producing the results you want, then please let me know. I am always here to help support your online experience! NO hidden fees and no contracts
Who does Sharon not work with?
I don't work with people who want a quick fix. Pilates is like a slow marinade, the longer you wait, the better the results.I do work with people who show up for themselves, want to learn, and are open-minded to new ideas of movement. Pilates isn't about "the burn", it is about the small details.
What is the live interactive class??
Rather than throw a load of technobabble at you, we will keep this simple. Most of you would have taken Pilates classes in-person at some point, or maybe you are brand new to Pilates but you have taken a different fitness class in a group setting. Well, my interactive version is the same just through your laptop, phone, or iPad. Same information, same Pilates classes. Our community logs in every Tuesday at 9 AM! We move together, they laugh at my lame jokes and all feel better for staying accountable and showing up! For those that have busy lives, careers, looking after children or relatives or even just want to learn from the privacy of your home my class should be perfect you can join in anywhere........maybe the beach or garde

Simple and flexible pricing

A library of classes that expands weekly, and more.


$49 / Month
Stay consistent and see results

4 x 30 Min classes a month classes

1 x 45 Min Live session a month

Foundational Pilates classes to help you learn the basics (Value $199)

50% off Challenges

50% off all workshops & Events

Unlimited access to on-demand classes


$69 /Month
Commit and make it a lifestyle

8 x 30 mins Classes monthly

1 x 55 Min Class

1 x 45 Min Live Session a month ​

Foundational Pilates classes to help you learn the basics (Value $199)

Free entry to Challenges

Free entry to all workshops & Events

Unlimited access to on-demand classes